Recovery Song: Higher Power Song

I’ve been active in a large number of spiritually based recovery programs, from 12-step programs to Buddhist and non-sectarian meditation or yoga recovery groups.

Unfortunately, human as we are, I have been violated, spiritually and otherwise, at the hands of a few men of the cloth. I later learned I had shut down memories of one priest to the point where I actually invited him years later to come back into my life and co-reside in my first wedding. It was an extremely difficult journey to forgive, especially forgive myself.

These recovery groups have been indispensable to my own spiritual and emotional recovery. Here is the very first recovery song I’ve ever written. It’s not a journey I take too lightly, but it is in fact loads of fun being a person in recovery. 🙂

Higher power song –

Each Step by si-ngle step I search for Thee,
In wandering dreams hear Spirit songs to sing;
When rocky spires I scale to reach, to see
Fair meadows gold and flower- painted hills.

Where frightened soul to darker days might yield,
I find my frailty far be-yond my will.
So to the Wind, which blows to where it please.
We hear its sound, and follow where it leads ?

The fragile mind whose fears do block our view
Of loving heart with gentle drops of dew,
Oh give me strength to… surrender all my cares,
At waters edge, let tears of grace give way.

Oh higher power, we hand our hearts to thee,
In wondrous dreams with Spirit songs we sing;
When rocky spires we scale to reach to be
Fair meadows gold and tainted bonsai tree.


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