East Meets West Fusion - Koto Jazz by Chris Kenji Beer @ Stage 7 Pianos, Kirkland, Washington.

YouTube/ Sample Sounds

Chris on piano
Chris Kenji on piano

 Snow Flurry, http://www.soundclick.com/_mobileFrame.cfm?bandID=1382715


   Breaching Whales – Live Koto Jazz & the “Dr. Seuss-a-phone” @ The Royal Room; NW FOLKLIFE – Breaching Whales is a live piece from the Kotojazz gang, a high energy song celebrating the splashing dance of “Breaching Whales” at the 2016 NW Folklife.


  “meta-morph senses” – @ The Royal Room & NW FOLKLIFE – a lot of variety in sound and genre in this CD of live recordings.


Tide Pools & Waves (Shiyodamari To Nami) (YouTube) – Tide Pools & Waves reached #4 in the “World” category out of 80,000 songs on Soundclick.com.

Koto Jazz by Chris Kenji Beer @ Stage 7 Pianos, Kirkland, Washington.
Koto Jazz by Chris Kenji Beer @ Stage 7 Pianos, Kirkland, Washington.

My Kojo No Tsuki (YouTube) – My Kojo No Tsuki (Moon Over Ruined Castle) reached #3 in the “New Age” category out of 13,500 songs on Soundclick.com.

40th Annual Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival by Chris Kenji Beer
40th Annual Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival, Seattle Center by Chris Kenji Beer

Here are a series of Koto Jazz clips I play, including live piano performances on a Steinway grand piano or my digital Yamaha PSR-300:

The “Koto Jazz: Season Suite” CD is now available on iTunes and Amazon Music at:

Apple iTunes- “Koto Jazz Season” and

Amazon: “Koto Jazz Season”

 Amazon Japan: “Koto Jazz Season Suite”

The following are a new songs I wrote (September – November 2014) which are posted on Amazon, SoundCloud, iTunes, & CDBaby.com:


Odds & Endings


Mount Index Ice Caves

Come to the Fount

Endless Wheat Fields (rough)

Raindrops Falling from Trees (Ki Kara Amei No Shizuku) (rough)

Tide Pools & Waves (Shiyodamari to Nami)

My Kojo No Tsuki (My Moon Over Ruined Castle)

Aki No Hou (Toward Autumn Season)

Hummingbird Flies from Flower to Flower (Hatchidori Wa Hana Kara Hana e Tobu)

The following are short clips of my live performances on piano at the Royal Room, Columbia City (Seattle) and Stage 7 Pianos (Kirkland), part of the “Koto Jazz: Season Suite” album/CD. I play these music productions on a Steinway grand piano provided by Stage7Pianos, or a Yamaha PSR-300 (note these are rough samples):

Koi No Bori

Alpine Winds (storm) (live)

Tori No Yo Ni (Like A Bird) (Live)

Wandering Kabutomushi (rhinosaurus beetle)

    – by Kenji (short sample)

Other Instrumentals
(rough samples of Windham Hill & Silver Wave Records):

Ode To Joy, by Kenji

Pachelbel’s Canon in D Minor- by George Winston (short sample)

Moon- by George Winston (short sample)

Thanksgiving- by George Winston (short sample)

To Purchase the full tracks of any of this music and for additional short samples, BUY HERE.

Additional songs I play (partial list):

1) Snow Blossoms, by Kenji
2) Kubota Birds Water Dance, by Kenji
3) Native Earth Rumble, by Kenji
4) Tide Pools, by Kenji
5) Dancing in the Dark Forest, by Kenji
6) Haystack Horse Trot, by Kenji
7) Thanksgiving, by Peter Kater
8) Oristano Sojourn – Scott Cossu
9) Thanksgiving – George Winston
10) Moon – George Winston
11) Endless Horizon – Steve Haun
12) Phases of the 3 Moons – Andreas Vollenweider
13) Stella – Andreas Vollenweider
14) Going to Another Place – Manheim Steamroller
15) Cricket’s Wicket – O’skay/ O’Damhnail
16) Shadow Dance – Shadowfax
17) Yellow Ledbetter – Pearl Jam, piano instrumental
18) Fragile – Sting, piano instrumental
19) Layla – Derek & The Dominos, end piano solo
20) Loretta and Desiree’s Bouquet- George Winston
21) Goodnight Irene – George Winston
22) Living Without You, George Winston
23) Ode To Joy, jazz rhythm style
24) Christmas Time is Here
25) Forever in Love – Kenny G

To Purchase any of this music or to listen to additional short samples, BUY HERE.


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A piano synthesis of Japanese Koto themes & progressive electronic new age jazz.

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