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KotoJazz 26: Water Basins

Short and wide water basins are for the humble, literally. Water basins of this type moves the user to bend down to the earth in humility to wash or drink the water. Most all Japanese water basins are made of stone and serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. Like the stone basin pictured above, this Japanese tsukubai water basin can be placed in a dry pool bed of black pebbles for distinctive visual effect. Originating from Buddhist purification basins (called chozubachi), water basins were used to cleanse the temple visitor before entering a Buddhist temple. This is also true of Shinto shrines, and during preparation for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. A Japanese tea garden ladle is often used to scoop up water from the stone basin to drink or wash hands.

The kiku (chrysanthemum) granite water basin is popular among the stone basins, as it is shaped like a chrysanthemum flower. To add to the aesthetic beauty, the most common way to add the image and sound of flowing or trickling water is by adding a bamboo kakei water spout (as pictured above). Kakei in this case can mean beautiful view or flowing water system.

Here are a few pieces about flowing water and water basins:

Nagare: Stream/ Flow, by Satomi Saeki

Drawing Water From a Mountain Stream, by Elizabeth Falconer

Koto Jazz: Kuriku Iwa No Hamon (Ripples On Creek Rocks)- by Kenji (short sample)

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Where Peaceful Water flow, by Chris De Burgh

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